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Thursday, October 28, 2010

today's buzz...

made some progress today. unfortuneately, my scanner is just not cooperating this week so i had to rely on my phone to take a pic (hence the lousy color and lack of sharpness). the green border really didn't photograph well. it's actually a lime/apple green just like in the bedding below.

what's left to do? another coat on the borders, hanging stars and some small details around and on the borders. then a sweet butter yellow satin ribbon will be attached for hanging...and finally UP FOR SALE!:)


  1. very very precious!! well done!!

  2. thank you:) i wish the green on the border would have photographed better. it looks so gray and drab on here:( hopefully, my scanner will be up and working SOON!

  3. and besides, i still have a ways to go. hopefully the finished ones will be scanned in...:)